Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday Triptych - Reverse edition

i took a couple of weeks off for the holidays, but i'm not completely abandoning this site. For the last challenge, i couldn't even come up with a good list, so congrats to both my brother and the dreamy accessorizer. You can see the rules here. This week i'm going to try something different. Instead of giving you the categories, i'm going to give you a set from which you must come up with the most cohesive triptych that can be filled from in the set. For this week, you must come up with themes for movies which have featured Tom Hanks. Good luck!

Tim, you should be able to add your web address in again in the comment form. Let me know if you still can't.

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Anonymous said...

Dude...hard...I'm trying though. I've got a few days before the deadline :)

oneirichaberdasher said...

This was, indeed, almost impossibly hard, requiring almost a week's worth of time, cracking open an Excel spreadsheet, and many many trips to imdb.

Keep in mind that I haven't seen all these movies, so some might be off. But this is the best I could do: war, romance, and travel.

War: Saving Private Ryan
Romance: You've Got Mail
Travel: Catch Me if You Can
War, Romance: Every Time We Say Goodbye
War, Travel: Charlie Wilson's War
Romance, Travel: Sleepless in Seattle
All: Forrest Gump
None: Philadelphia

(Looks like I can input my url just fine now.)

chad said...

i wasn't sure how hard it was going to be. i didn't get very far. One of the themes that struck me as fairly common among his movies was 'Alone' or 'Loneliness'. Cast Away, Philadelphia, Big, even some of the romances. i didn't get any further than that, though.

oneirichaberdasher said...

Yeah, loneliness was another common theme, and I spent a while trying to get that to work (along with a number of other, potentially lesser ideas like 'spacemen' and 'going home'). Maybe we just need to wait for Tom Hanks to make more movies?