Thursday, January 17, 2008

ThursdayTriptych - RPG edition

So perhaps the reverse triptych is a little bit too hard (at least for Tom Hanks movies - it would probably be easier with a larger set to choose from, like Asimov books). As it was, Tim might want to rethink his priorities, according to the amount of time he spent figuring it out. After days of work, he came up with War, Romance and Travel as his themes. Also, he gets crazy bonus points for admitting to the use of Excel. Congratulations Tim! You can see the rules here. This week (or week.5) we'll return to the regular format. Your themes are Assassins, Thieves and Warriors. Feel free to interpret liberally. Good luck!

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oneirichaberdasher said...

I'm going to go with Board and Card games.

Assassins: Kill Doctor Lucky
Thieves: By Hook or By Crook (also known as Hoity Toity)
Warriors: Xiangqi (also known as Chinese Chess)
Assassins, Thieves: Paranoia
Assassins, Warriors: James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game
Thieves, Warriors: Settlers of Catan
All: Citadels
None: Monopoly

Note that some are better than others (Paranoia is really an RPG), and some do require a little bit of interpretation (you need to consider the 'soldiers' in Catan as 'Warriors') -- but overall it works.

I originally couldn't think of anything for Assassins, Thieves, and so was going to propose a game that doesn't exist, but really should. I was going to call it 'Kill Hitler and jack his stuff.'