Friday, September 28, 2007

Obvious Post

So, i suppose i'll write the obligatory 'why am i starting a blog?' post. i think there are a few reasons for it.

1) i started a blog for Gavin after he was born and discovered that i actually like writing posts for it. i didn't think i would, because i've never been all that fond of writing, but i like it because it forces me to think about what i'm doing and how it affects me. i find it very easy to glide through my week without really reflecting on it or remembering the important parts (good or bad). So, even though i'm writing posts for a blog already, i don't want to pollute it with too much that isn't about Gavin, because that's not the reason for the blog. Instead, i decided to unburden myself on a separate blog. So be warned, there will be lots of nerdity, because that's who i am.

2) i would like to improve my writing skills. It is something that i haven't practiced much, but i do think it is an important skill. Maybe i'll actually improve.

3) i'm an attention hog, and i get my self-worth from things like the number of comments on my blog and readers i have. So, i'm putting it all out there - it's your responsibility to make sure i feel good about myself. Whew, glad to get that responsibility off-loaded.

And if you think that i can't tell how many people visit or subscribe, you don't know me very well. i've set up the blog RSS feed to go through FeedBurner and i have Google Analytics set up on my website. It was fun to set up, and it will be fun to check on my (dismal) stats (especially since i did it on Gavin's site as well and i know he's more interesting than i am). Did i mention that i'm a nerd?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reason ξ i Miss Techers

i was in a meeting today, and one of the other members of our team was talking about interface standards. She mentioned that she was going to meet with another group to try to come up with some common standards - a unified template if you will (yes, she used those words). i immediately thought "Really, a Grand Unified Template? Like that's going to happen anytime soon."